Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sentence types

sentence types
Opener sentences

When we went into the cave there was lot of hazel colored weta’s.
Because it was raining we didn't go to the lookout walk.
As we were going for a swim in the cold wavy water a bumblebee flying around

While we were playing cricit dinner was getting made.
Before we went on our hike we got ready.

Cereal sentence

I Bowled ok, Leo hit the ball hardly, Louie got hit in the face and Tom got ran out by Louie.

Kids played happily in water, sand flies bit kids rapidly and rapids sprinted the water down the river.

Louie bowled a yorker, I smashed it far ford, Leo called a run and Crag caught me out.

Interrupter sentence

Kids screamed when they saw a weta, dark grey skinny legged, sitting in the cave.

Kids swotted with there hand when they saw l lake.
lots of sand flies,little black, at the lake.

I ran away from bee’s, little black and yellow, that were flying around the camp.

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